Treatment of the Month: Manicure

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Beautiful hands and nails are essential at Christmas, giving you confidence to finish off any Christmas party look. The SenSpa manicure treatment is our December treatment of the month due to its suitability for the Christmas season and luxurious moisturising benefits. The SenSpa manicure is perfect for anyone with a special occasion or who loves relaxing treatments but doesn’t like anything too invasive. Why not add the treatment as part of a Christmas spa day before the work party or Christmas drinks!

What does the manicure include?

The SenSpa manicure includes a full treatment of the arms, hands and nails for complete revitalisation. Firstly, an invigorating salt polish made up of plant based products and organic ingredients exfoliate the skin, ridding it of dead skin cells and preparing it for the moisturising treatment. Secondly, nails are trimmed, filed and cuticles are tidied by our specialised hand therapists.

Thirdly, your arms and hands are massaged to relax the muscles, increase elasticity and the texture of the skin. Finally, a lavish mask of macadamia oil, manuka honey and aloe vera are lathered onto the hands and encouraged to absorb with heated mitts. The mask will then be removed with a warm towel.

Nails are cleaned and prepared for a nail colour. We have a variety of colours to choose from and once the manicure treatment or Christmas spa day ends, the nail colour is yours to keep!

Please note that gel manicures should be removed before having the SenSpa manicure as our therapists do not have the appropriate tools to remove gel polish.

Ideal for:

The SenSpa manicure is the perfect treatment for a special occasion or as an addition to a Christmas spa day as nails will look neat, polished and beautiful. It is also ideal for relieving tension in the hands and arms or to achieve soft, moisturised hands for those that have become dry over winter.

To purchase this treatment or to add it to a Christmas spa day package please call us on 01590 624 467 or book online.

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