Winter Skin Blues? Here’s How To Cure Them

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In the winter, we turn the heating up, stay inside more and cover up as much as we can and this in contrast to the freezing temperatures outdoors means we’re more prone to chapped lips, flaky dry skin and sore red blotches. Fun Christmas markets, winter wonderlands and mulled wine lure us into the outdoors – but don’t worry here at SenSpa we have ways for you to enjoy it all without the hazard of dry skin, such as luxury spa day or luxury spa break.

What happens to your skin?

Central heating wreaks havoc with your eyes and dries the cornea, causing marginal dry-eye syndrome. Your lips have a limited defence against the cold due to a thin outer layer and no glands to produce oil, meaning that they dry out faster and are more likely to crack. Hands and feet are more exposed throughout the day and are more likely to dry out and become chapped and sore than the rest of the body. The face is the most vulnerable, with winter air and harsh wind resulting in cracking. All of these factors are preventable and can be maintained with proper care and attention and are easily soothed with a luxury spa day full of moisturising treatments.

How to stop it

SenSpa are experts in the scientific nature of our skin and know how to combat the results of dry weather. The Willow Hydrate and Glow facial is perfect for tired and dry, dehydrated skin and will do wonders in improving your skin’s appearance by restoring moisture. For sore hands and feet, indulge them in an Essential Hand Therapy scrub, mask and relaxing massage or a SenSpa Pedicure that removes rough skin and exfoliates the foot and lower leg with a salt scrub. Combine the treatments into a luxury spa day or spa break and benefit from full use of our facilities and a delicious meal from our Thai Zen restaurant.

If you’d like to prepare your skin for winter and treat yourself to a luxury spa day or luxury spa break with our recommended treatments, please call us on 01590 624467 or email relax@senspa.co.uk



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