Take Action Against Hayfever Now and Sneeze Less Later!

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If you’re one of the 13 million hayfever sufferers in this country, the bad news is global warming is making your life even more miserable. Grass pollen, the culprit for 95 per cent of hayfever symptoms, is on the increase. With warmer weather, grass gets going so much earlier, grows at a faster rate and devotes more resources to reproduction  – in other words, more pollen!

The good news is you can dramatically reduce your symptoms: take action now and you could actually enjoy the smell of newly mown grass or pass a rapeseed field with clear eyes. Homeopaths have found that giving people tiny doses of pollen in late winter can stop you suffering as much during the hayfever season. The homeopathic remedies are thought to work in a similar way to vaccination, by boosting your immunity and de-sensitising you to the various types of pollens.

All you have to do is take a course of de-sensitising drops at this time of year, tailored to the types of pollen you are susceptible to. If you know you’re sensitive to a specific flower or tree, all the better: you can be de-sensitised to that pollen to set you up for the season.

Then during the season itself there are scores of homeopathic remedies that can be taken depending on your individual symptoms. If you undergo this programme of preventive action over a couple of years you could eradicate your hayfever altogether.

TIP: Use local honey daily to boost your immunity to your local pollen

POLLEN CALENDAR: Peak pollen counts for common allergens

Feb & March: Alder, Hazel, Yew
March: Willow, Poplar
March & April: Elm
April: Ash
April & May: Birch
May: Oak, Plane
May & June: Rapeseed, Pine
June: Plantain
June & July: Grass, Lime
July: Dock
July & Aug: Nettle, Mugwort

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