Looking after Winter Skin

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As winter draws in and the temperature takes a dive, it is not just our emotions that are hit by the change of weather. The icy mornings and winter winds can take a toll on our complexions leaving them parched, dull and very dehydrated. You may notice that certain areas of your face become flakier, your lips crack with increasing frequency. Also the change in humidity can even trigger the sebum glands to compensate by secreting excess oil, leading to blocked pores and unwanted spots and blemishes.

However, if you thought a glowing complexion could be achieved with just a little more moisturiser, think again. Your skin needs looking after properly during the colder months to prevent the dehydration and dryness occurring and probably means a change to your skin care routine.

Let your skin breathe

Overnight is the perfect time to allow your skin to breathe and your evening routine should consist of cleansing which will lift any dirt and impurities from within the pores. Toning which balances and hydrates and moisturising to nourish and repair the skin helping it to retain more moisture.

The lustrous look

A weekly exfoliation will remove any dead skin cells and boost the circulation revealing lustrous looks by drawing blood to the surface, therefore improving skin colour and texture.

Feed your face

Exposure to the elements can dehydrate your skin and a little nourishment for your face by way of a mask can help restore the nutrient level of your skin and replenish lost moisture, keeping your skin hydrated and looking radiant.

Lip service

Often overlooked, the thin delicate skin on your lips is venerable to all the elements. Wind, cold, heat, dryness and sun all impact upon the minimal moisture barrier of the lips meaning they shouldn’t be ignored. Application of a lip balm is essential at all times to prevent the sore and chapped lips we all dread, especially during the winter months. Lip balms soothe and calm redness and hydrate and nourish to avoid dryness.

So, during the winter months especially, a little more effort is needed to keep your skin looking and feeling amazing, a little bit of TLC goes a long way!

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